Friday, August 28, 2009

Dancing First

My youngest went to her first school dance last night. The Middle School held a "back to school dance". She was telling me how one of her friends mom's embarrassed the girl by saying "it's my baby's first dance, don't dance with any boys unless it is ### and then you have to dance with him, he is so cute." After hearing this it was clear that making ANY statement close to this would be inappropriate for my daughter. I smiled and reminded her that going to your first dance is a milestone but I would not make a fuss.

Sorry to say I have no pictures, nothing to show just a hug and a kiss followed by "have a great time and make good choices." When she came home she thought it was the funnest dance ever and danced with boys as well as her girlfriends. She talked about and was happy we didn't make a fuss. This was when I finally let out "my babies first dance - I am glad it was fun for you." That was all I ever said and because it was after the fact it was appreciated more. Life is changing and there is nothing we can do to change it, just hang on and enjoy the ride.


It is only the second week of school and already the seniors are having to order their announcements! Okay, I don't know about anyone else but in my humble opinion that is NUTS!!! Parents just paid for fees, AP classes, pictures, play fees and know announcements!?!?
Senior year is expensive enough and I haven't set up an appointment for his senior pics. Why you might ask? I have no idea how much that will cost either! I love my child but this is crazy- the expense. I guess now you know why parents are smiling as the kid graduates; the food bill goes down, utilities go down (The T.V. isn't always on), they pay for their own cell phone, no more "senior" expense category in your checkbook - all is well.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things I love about my home town

1. The smell of wet sagebrush after the rain.
2. The deer (mother and babies) crossing the lawn.
3. Rabbits chasing the birds in the yard.
4. Golfing and hitting the ball straight on the fairway and it lands in the middle of the antelope, they do not fear golf ball or humans.
5. Four wheeling and riding horses at Fort Steel.
6. Playing games with family, we are NOT competitive at all.
7. Spending time with people that I love.
8. Watching the kids laugh and play with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
9. Having beautiful scenery close by to enjoy
10. Laughing and loving the people that mean the most in my life.

Men and Shopping

Yesterday I found a surprise; ten dollars in Kohl's cash but it had to be used by Saturday. My husband and I went to Kohl's to see if there was any superb thing we could get for our ten bucks.
As I was looking in the women's department I found myself in sale racks near the fitting rooms. A father and son were standing near the entry way, the boy couldn't be older than ten and was beginning to complain and whine about shopping. This very astute man explained to his son that "shopping means lots of looking; if we were going to buy something it would be called buying." The sister of the boy looked him in the eye and said, "you are so dumb." By the way this was a LITTLE sister of at least two to three years. I happened to look over at the father and he caught the smile on my face and turned away. This was a hilarious episode that I felt I had to share, I am still laughing with my husband.