Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scouting Memories

Thursday the cutest scout ever came to my door and asked if I would buy a Scout Expo ticket. At that moment I was flooded with scouting memories and become"vaclumped" for a few seconds. Of course I eagerly bought the ticket and after he left a wave of memories flooded over me of scouting for food, pack meeting, board of reviews, pinewood derbies and finally eagle court of honor.

As I am sure you can see I am not a newcomer to scouts as I think back to all of the jobs of wolf den leader, bear den leader, ward cub scout leader and district round table chair; I was even lucky enough to earn the District Award of Merit!! Having gone threw scouting with my sons I know that this was a very rewarding and fun time of life where the creativity and energy was flowing and the excitement was there. At the time I kept thinking "why don't they replace me?" and when this wish came I had to sit back and watch the program I loved struggle and next thing you know I was asking to help but not as a calling but just an outsider wanting to lend a hand. I had to face the cold hard fact that once you are involved in scouts it is difficult to walk away but there are so many others that need to enjoy the experience.

The tinkering with a simple rectangle of wood and wheels to create that fastest car on wheels! The developing of the car, cutting, sanding, weights, painting and finally the all important graphite to send this once useless block of wood into a speeding derby car; what a rush! My boys may not have had the fastest cars but they were theirs. Jeff won third place one year and Patrick won best of show with his Nimbus 2000 (thank you Harry Potter).

For those of you who have boys in scouting - enjoy these years and pay close attention, you never know when the scouting program will decide to recruit you!!


At April 21, 2010 at 8:23 AM , Blogger elrunya said...

That's so cool. ;) My brothers are getting into scouts, I'm excited for my mom to be able to get the opportunity to go through all of that, and it's a wonderful experience for my brothers. :)


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