Monday, January 19, 2009

Three day weekend

It is a beautiful day here in St. George today. I enjoyed a walk with the jacket or sweatshirt! This is a very rare day indeed considering the freezing temperatures lately. I love that this has been a three day weekend and I am feeling very sad knowing that I have to go back tomorrow.
No new news about the practicum teacher. Nancy Hauck I guess hasn't done anything to change me so I will be headed to Dixie Middle in the morning but at least I have a few more hours to enjoy the rest of the break and do a little homework for the rest of the week.

Friday, January 16, 2009


What a fabulous word. I think that this is a word that bring music to my hears and a song to my heart!! So, today I filled out all of the paper work so that I can "walk" in the Spring. I am so happy I can hardly stand it. Now the question becomes, "do you want tassels or a sash with that?" Just thought I could stop and write about an exciting, happy and joyous thing after reading my post about the awful teaching experience. I am hopeful that I can join Janna and be her partner for the practicum.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Wow, another semester and many more text books. I am already bored with the homework. I guess it could be the terribly boring day that I spent as an "observer" in the classroom that i will be spending the semester in. I clearly do not have a name since I was not introduced to the classes, just referred to as "she". When asked about the lady in the back of the room, instead of introducing me to students, The teacher proceeded to tell the class..."she is a student from Dixie and will be observing in our classroom. She is going to be a teacher someday". One student said "Do you know my mom, she is head of the dental hygiene program?" Before I could respond, said teacher responded for me saying, ___she is going to school to be a teacher, not a hygienist so don't be silly, she does not know your mother." So please, let me introduce myself to you- my name is SHE. I guess that is a step above having no name.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where is the food!?

Okay, so I like the Education department but. . . I have decided that the English department has their act together. When you ask a professor "will there be food at this ridiculously long (5 hours) orientation?" Which by the way was mandatory, I would expect that after answering in the affirmative - the professor would make sure that there actually was FOOD. I am sorry but at 7:45 a.m. many of us would have eaten or brought food if we would have known that there wasn't any being provided. The English department ALWAYS make sure that if they say they will do something it gets done and it is not assumed that someone will take care of the problem. Don't ever believe a word Dr. Goldhardt (or the education department) say when they promise food girls. As the boy scout of America would say - BE PREPARED

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The New Year

The Christmas decorations are down, New Years Eve has passed, 2009 is here. I was thinking about all of the resolutions that I could make but I know that i would eventually break. That being stated - I have decided to make simple resolutions that will not destroy my self esteem if I can not keep them.

1. Eat better and exercise more. I always say "loose weight" and I always feel like a failure, I start of good and then the weight creeps back on.
2. Keep up on the mounting and scary homework. Yes, this is something that is a necessary task and I feel that I can do.
3. Quality time with the family. This is so difficult to do when you are in school (as most of you know) but it is necessary.

These are simple and you may ask why bother making them at all? So that i can feel like I am accomplishing my goals.
That being said - good luck at keeping those resolutions - I already broke one - I was 45 hours caffeine free and drank 4 ounces of diet coke (not too healthy) but I guess I can have one coke a day and still be healthy:^)