Friday, June 12, 2009

Disney, a Dream Vacation

Vacation, yes that is what we need. My hubby and I eagerly packed our bags and off we went on an adventure. Disneyland is a magical kingdom. When we arrived in the evening we were just in time for the fireworks and when all the exhausted parents and children left for the day, all of the rides we were able to "walk" on to. It was a miracle! No lines after ten! We had no children so there was no crying, pouting, complaining, etc., I am sure you are getting the picture. By the time we made it back to the hotel we were fast asleep when our heads hit the pillow.
We had a leisurely day in the park the next day. We smiled and sometimes snickered and the frustrated parents and children. My hubby told me Disneyland is a magical treat with children but needs to be experienced without them also and I completely agree. We even went to a character breakfast!! Thank you Disney for making our dream come true.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Ok, so this is a slogan we hear over and over again. Our family decided to take a proactive stance on the challenge of helping the environment. If something is not being used, we turn it off. We do not waste water while brushing our teeth; we have planted a garden for the first time and we recycle.

You may be saying, so what, recycling is no big deal. We have trained our children to recycle everything and this becomes shall we say . . .messy. so messy in fact that we purchased storage containers to act as recycling bins and placed them in our garage for plastics, paper and aluminum. now thing won't be messy but efficient. Think again. The newspapers and magazines are set on top of the dryer for a week and then, are taken out to the bin in the garage. Plastics, cardboard and pop cans are left on the counter until someone takes them to the proper bin in the garage-this job usually falls to me. I have the recyclable bags for grocery shopping and the list goes on.

The clutter from recycling is now in the garage no matter how organized you think you have made yourself (refer to the "bins") it is nearly impossible to be tidy. We took a months worth of recyclables up to the bins at the Albertson's parking lot and much to my surprise was a sign that read "Do not leave your Cardboard, it ill not be picked up". ARE YOU KIDDING ME! So we had a few large deliveries that came in cardboard boxes and rather than send it to the dump we opted to recycle them only to find out that it would not be taken! Well, I left them anyway. I figure if people are encouraged to recycle and this is where you are told to drop off your stuff then everything should be accepted. My garage will continue to be cluttered but we will continue the three R's at our house - just not recycle cardboard whatever you do.


I am so sick of the background that I have and have no idea how to chage it. I need serious help from all of you "bloggers" out there. I just want a background that reflects my personality and Christmas is getting old. Any help will be appreciated.


Missing School?

So I have passed by the college several times since graduation and believe it or not, I have missed the work, the knowledge and the camaraderie going to class creates. Yesterday I went to pick up a copy of the Quill and the McDonald building was empty, almost ghost like. It made me a little sad and wondering if I have gone insane.

Saturday Beth had her birthday party and I was reunited with friends as we enjoyed a "frigate" pizza. I thought to myself-this is what I think I am missing, along with stimulating academic conversation of course.