Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Ladies in My Life

No cooking, no cleaning and a relaxing day. This was a great day! I heard from all 6 of the kids and my husband cooked the best steak dinner, YUM.
Sacrament meeting brought a tear or two to my eyes as I thought about the women in my life and the examples that they have been. I had the absolute BEST grandma in the world-Grandma Dixon.
When I would visit she always had a candy drawer and it was a special treat to get candy at her house, it tasted better than anywhere else that you could get candy. She also had only one extra room and two hide-a-beds. When she would have me sleep in that room in the single bed, it was like it was made for me. If I didn't like what was fir dinner and my dad sent me away from the table hungry, Grandma always made me a bowl of rice with butter and salt - nobody made it better than my grandma. We went on trips together and I loved being with her. My favorite trip was to Hawaii. Grandma died when I was ten and I have missed her in my life but I try to be like her, if that is possible.

My mom:
I could not ask for a better mother, she has been patient when I probably didn't deserve it and loving no matter what. As a child I was not difficult, it was when the teenage years hit that the "fun" began. My dad always said that one girl was harder to raise than the 5 boys - some days I agree. Mom has given me advice over the years and we survived those awful teenage years. She encourages me in everything that I do. When it came to education my mom wanted o see me compete my education, there was nothing more important to her. May 1 she and my dad were in the stand watching my graduation and I was thrilled that they could be there for that event.
I owe so much to these ladies in my life, I wouldn't be who I am today without them!


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